The Ecological Footprint Calculator measures and analyses the ecological footprint of your ecotourism itinerary — a multi-day tour encompassing various services and components, including accommodation, food and drinks, mobility and transfers, and activities and services. By assessing the ecological footprint (EF), we evaluate the extent of human impact on the biosphere’s capacity to provide renewable natural resources and vital ecological services.

This powerful tool offers tour operators, destinations, and customers a comprehensive understanding of the ecological footprint associated with the entire ecotourism package. It provides valuable insights expressed in gha (global hectares), allowing you to grasp the EF per tourist per day and ascertain the weight of each component within the package. Through this analysis, you can make informed decisions and embrace sustainable practices in ecotourism.

Who is it for?

This tool is specifically designed for Destination Management Organisations (DMOs), Protected Areas (PAs), and Inbound Tour Operators (ITOs) seeking to self-assess the environmental impact of ecotourism itineraries within their destinations or portfolios. To conduct this assessment, a comprehensive itinerary program is required, including at least one provider for each aspect, such as accommodation, food, transport, and activities.

Stakeholders involved

The organisation responsible for conducting the assessment is required to collaborate with the ecotourism businesses or suppliers featured in the product or itinerary under evaluation. This collaboration typically involves engaging with multiple providers in the categories of accommodation, food and beverages, transport, and activities or excursions. Since the data providers overlap, it is recommended to conduct this assessment jointly with the Social Impact Assessment, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of both environmental and social aspects. By conducting these assessments together, a holistic understanding of the overall impact can be obtained, fostering responsible and sustainable practices within the ecotourism sector.

What to expect when using the tool

To ensure accurate assessment results, data collectors will need to establish communication and collaboration with various businesses to gather sensitive information. The data collection process is highly detailed, needing adequate planning time and allocation of resources to complete the assessment thoroughly. Once the data has been collected, it should be diligently entered into the designated tool. 

Before you start

For your convenience, we have provided a set of documents to assist you in planning the data collection process before inputting the data into the tool. These resources will aid in streamlining the process and ensuring the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the assessment.


The Ecological Footprint Calculator for Ecotourism Itineraries was initially developed by IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation and WWF Adria with external support from the Global Footprint Network and Free Range, in the framework of the DestiMED InterregMED Project. The migration and upgrade of the tool has been developed by IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation and the University of Vic Beta Centre, with the external support of the Global Footprint Network, Labox and Free Range in the framework of the DestiMED PLUS Interreg MED project.