MEET Ecotourism Indicator Monitoring Platform

Ecotourism is often presented and perceived as a “green” or environmentally friendly alternative to traditional tourism. But how can we determine if that perception is accurate? Can we effectively measure ecotourism? If so, how?

The MEET Indicator Monitoring Platform allows ecotourism destinations in and around protected areas to conduct self-assessments of the sustainability and quality of their multi-day tourism products, aligning them with the comprehensive criteria of the MEET Standard.

By diving into the platform, local ecotourism stakeholders can automatically measure and monitor the performance of their itineraries. Key aspects such as the ecological footprint, social impact, and quality can be assessed. Additionally, the platform evaluates the enabling conditions in the destination, including governance and conservation management. All of the information combined enhances stakeholders’ ability to make informed decisions based on evidence.

Ecological Footprint Calculator of Ecotourism Itineraries

Curious about your visitors’ environmental footprint? Want to know the impact they leave behind?¬†

The calculator measures and comprehensively analyses the ecological footprint of your itinerary, taking into account the four fundamental components of an ecotourism package: accommodation, food & beverages, transfers, and activities. Gain valuable insights into your environmental impact and make informed decisions to promote sustainable practices.

Social Impact Assessment of Ecotourism Suppliers

Wondering about the social impact of tourism service providers? Explore their influence on your product or destination!

The self-assessment diligently measures the social impact of diverse suppliers and facilities across 20 critical social topics, encompassing four key stakeholder groups: workers, local communities, value chain, and visitors. Enhance your understanding of the social implications and drive positive change.

Enabling Conditions in the Destination: Governance & Conservation

Seeking transparency? Is your destination committed to good governance and nature conservation?

This tool assesses the enabling environment, ensuring that tourism effectively benefits both conservation efforts and local communities, while proactively preventing any adverse impacts. Evaluate the fulfilment of essential conditions and foster responsible tourism practices.

Product Quality Assessment of an Ecotourism Itinerary

Seeking a remarkable eco-adventure? Discover if your itinerary delivers a memorable, safe, and market-appealing ecotourism experience!

This comprehensive questionnaire allows you to ascertain whether or not your itinerary aligns with the expectations of customers, buyers, and local stakeholders. It ensures compliance with the MEET Network’s commercialised products, covering crucial aspects such as tour leading, guiding and interpretation, supplier selection, and itinerary design.


This platform has been developed by: IUCN Centre for Mediterrranean Cooperation


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University of Vic – BETA Centre / WWF Mediterranean / Croatian Institute for Tourism

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